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Monday, 6 August 2012

Step into Scandinavian luxury

Everyday luxury is now even easier to achieve in your bathroom with our indulgent walk-in wet rooms. Immerse your senses with a powerful rainhead shower, warm underfloor heating, calming nature inspired tiles and spacious easy access for a showering experience that is like no other.
Not only do our wet rooms look fantastic but they require minimal cleaning. Treated with an Impey easy clean shield, our wet room screens sparkle after one quick wipe of a squeegee. The sleek design means there are no awkward corners to scrub while the integrated shower adds to the seamless and open feel of the wet room. 

Shown here is the Aqua-Screen Pure 1200mm glass screen with two 200mm return panels in a sumptuous Scandinavian inspired room with blonde wood furniture, picture windows and limestone coloured tiles. Our wet rooms are designed for and suitable for any sized room, anywhere in the home.
Owning a wet room is a whole new experience. It takes showering from a ritual to a daily exhilaration of your senses, why not own an Impey wetroom and join the showering evolution.
The joy of an Impey wetroom from around £1,500 plus installation

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