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Monday, 7 April 2014

Why has the disabled community chosen purple?

Many movements adopt a colour significant to their cause, including grey for the senior community and red as a reference to the blood of the workers of the labour party.

Some say it is due to the disability blog, Broken of Britain, having a purple colour scheme. Other describe the top- trending grassroots publication Responsible Reform, nicknamed The Spartacus Report, which was printed using a purple design.

Purple is also the favourite colour of Impey Shower heroine, Baroness Tanni Grey- Thompson, who wore a purple jacket during the House of Lords welfare reform debates.

19% of the population of Great Britain are disabled. That’s roughly 11 million people with a combined disposable income of £80 million. This equates to a lot of scope for the purple pound.

Whatever the reason, this show of solidarity has been reflected in the popularity of our purple Slimfold shower seat. Currently our clear favourite, the purple SlimFold seat has proven to be a big hit with our customers, Occupational Therapists and designers alike. We recently conducted a survey asking OTs which colour SlimFold they would choose and we’re sure you can guess which colour came out top. Yes, purple!

With the spending power of the disabled community eclipsing other minority groups within Britain, it is useful to remind businesses and politicians that disabled people are a sizeable force and should not be forgotten.

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