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Thursday, 22 March 2012

What is a wetroom?

A wetroom is an area which is completely level with the floor in the rest of the room, there will be no step up or down into the showering area (this is called ‘level-access’) This makes the area easily accessible to wheel chair users and also easier to clean as there are no places for grime to build up.

The wetroom will be completely waterproofed (tanked) and gradient within the floor leading towards the drain will take the water from the shower away.
Wetrooms are entirely versatile and can be installed upstairs or downstairs and are generally tiled to create a luxurious, minimalist finish.
The area can be completely open or a glass panel can be used to shield the shower spray from the rest of the room. A ‘walk-in’ wetroom is a wetroom with one glass panel which has two open sides, allowing the user to walk through the shower spray.
What are the benefits of having a wetroom?
· A wetroom is totally flexible so can be installed in any size or shape of room from loft conversions to downstairs cupboards.
· A wetroom can open up an area which is small or cluttered and create a stylish, minimalist appearance.
· Wetrooms allow the user to move around freely under the spray eliminating the bumped arms and claustrophobic feeling for a more relaxed showering experience.
· A wetroom is easy to clean due to the open spaces and minimalist style, there are less spaces to gather grime and mould. All Impey wetroom glass is treated with Aqua-Shield to prevent limescale and grime.
· The Impey wetroom comes with a lifetime watertight guarantee so you can be confident that your wetroom will last.
· The level-access feature of a wetroom allows safe and easy movement for all ages, in-particular the disabled user.
Do wetrooms leak?
No, if the wet room is tanked properly (“tanked” means that there is a waterproof membrane installed underneath the tiles to ensure a watertight seal) then there will be no leakage. Impey Tilesafe renders the floor completely watertight.
We recommend that the entire floor is covered and 75mm up the sides of the walls. Your room will then be covered by a lifetime watertight guarantee.

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